typo3 realurl: define default controller and action

I created an extbase extension to display a list of articles on a certain page (pageUid = 24). Before realurl, the url looked like this:

What I wanted to achieve: http://www.domain.com/artikelsammlung/haushalt/ARTIKELNAME.html My realurl_conf.php looks like this:

'fixedPostVars' => array(
	'artikelhaushaltConfiguration' => array(
			'GETvar' => 'tx_somethingarticles_categorydetail[controller]',
			'noMatch' => 'bypass'
			'GETvar' => 'tx_somethingarticles_categorydetail[action]',
			'noMatch' => 'bypass'
			'GETvar' => 'tx_somethingarticles_categorydetail[articleCategory]',
			'lookUpTable' => array(
	24 => 'artikelhaushaltConfiguration'

and additionally there is a typoscript:

[globalVar = GP:tx_somethingarticles_categorydetail|articleCategory > 0]
config.defaultGetVars {
    tx_somethingarticles_categorydetail.action = showByArticleCategory
    tx_somethingarticles_categorydetail.controller = Article

And with that, it works!

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