jwplayer and OVA plugin

Okay, this cost me a lot of time and nerves.


Videos coming from vimeo, they must be played in jwplayer. There must be a preroll ad, the URL to this video ad contains a 10-digit random number, which is the reason why I cannot use a config.xml file but have to configure it inline. And, to make it just a bit harder, I was asked to use the javascript API instead of the <embed> tag.


The documentation is… well, it’s not good. There are plenty of good examples for the <embed> tag version, but close to none for the javascript API. Additionally I asked for help in the jwplayer forums and the result was a very uninterested, uninformed reply. The person seemed to have a hard time following my description, demanded a link to an implemented version, blamed my video ad url, and finally, when he understood my problem, this: “Go post in the OVA plugin forum“. Let me point out that it took 3 days for this ‘advice’ to come forth…


The OVA Plugin Forum was very helpful, the answers were quick and competent, within a short amount of time I managed to make it work. Here is a complete example script:

<div id="container">Loading...</div><script type="text/javascript">
    'width': 500,
    'height': 300,
    'file': 'http://player.vimeo.com/external/123456.sd.mp4?s=858afaac8eebccc7acb544e998799a3d',
    'skin': 'jwplayer/bekle.zip',
    'plugins': {
       'jwplayer/ova-jw.swf': {
                    'ads': {
                       'notice': { 'textStyle': 'smalltext' },
                       'filterOnLinearAdMimeTypes': false,
                       'schedule': [
                                  'zone': '47',
                                  'position': 'pre-roll',
                                  'server': {
                                      'type': 'direct',
                                    'tag': 'http://www.adververdomain.de/video?[<?php echo rand(1000000000, 9999999999); ?>]'
                                  'zone': '48',
                                  'position': 'auto:bottom',
                                  'width': 320,
                                  'height': 80,
                                  'startTime': '00:00:02',
                                  'duration': '5'
       'sharing-3': {
           'link': '<?php echo $_SERVER['PHP_SELF']; ?>'
       'fbit-1': {
           'link': '<?php echo $_SERVER['PHP_SELF']; ?>'
       'plugins': {
           'gapro-2': {}
    'modes': [
        {type: 'flash', src: 'jwplayer/player.swf'},
        {type: 'html5'},
        {type: 'download'}

Thanks again for competent and friendly help in the OVA Plugin forum!

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